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My last word on distractions:

YOU, in your infinite awesomeness, would not be distracted by dozens of cameramen.

THEY, in their infinite suckitude, ARE distracted by dozens of cameramen.

PROBLEM: you are both sharing the same road.

And you know it.

Which means that if I'm going through those corners, enjoying my lovely Southern California day, totally prepared to pass by all those silly cameras and oddly parked bikes and cars waving as I go by... I'm still utterly terrified by the prospect that some OTHER schmuck is totally distracted by all that jazz and is wiping out into my lane as I turn the corner.

Thus, I get tense.

When I get too tense, I ride worse.

When I ride worse, my chances of doing something stupid increase.

Don't do something stupid (get DirectTV! ).

Bottom line: the street is not the track. Doing track-like things on the street-- and having track-like accoutrements on the street, like goof-off corners photographed for sado-masochistic entertainment-- isn't as much fun as the keyboard riders like to imagine that it is.
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