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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
The KTM fan draws about 35 Watts.

Motomaster is good, Beringer 4/6 P are both good, Magura radial (with QTM axial to radial adapter bracket) is good, FTE radial is shit, stock 2 P Brembo is shit, even with a 320mm bracket (and it only allows you to use a 4mm thick disc). I wouldn't advise those last 2 ones to anybody who doesn't ride like a grandma, at least not if it's up and down and not only flat riding.

The Beringer cast iron rotors are awesome as they never overheat and wear your pads much less with their solid surface. Unfortunately they are very expensive and the center is made out of soft aluminum so it get's worn pretty quickly at the floaters and then needs a rebuild kit. You won't wear out a friction ring though!

The Braking Wave sold through KTM Hard Parts and the Motomaster Flame are a good alternative.

Just make sure that you get the right disc for your caliper, there are both 310 and 320mm variations.

Wow, that seems pricey. I'd like to get a new master/caliper/larger rotor combo for my SM wheelset as well (currently just running the standard disc/caliper), but $1300 is a lot of $$ to drop. Is that the only reasonable cost alternative, or is there a more economical option?

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