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Vulture returns

I mentioned an incident last weekend. There was a crash: , but that is not the incident I was referring to. There was a mildly disturbing threat made against me by a fellow who lives near The Snake. I have witnessed, actually seen, this moron swerve across the double yellow to try and hit a Monster that was passing him. Some of the language directed my way and towards RNickey in this thread was of particular interest given the threat, as I only suspect who is behind it and just wanted to see if perhaps he was lurking here.

In my own defense, there are some on this board who hate me less than most:

As for the poster in this thread who postulated that no one was standing in the corner with strobes....

I don't do what I do because I get off on mayhem. Crash photos don't sell. After all, who wants to remember crash? " Hey beautiful, wanna' go for a ride? This is me crashing on The Snake...." I do this because I am 54 years old, and realize that the spark of youth and associated exploits are fleeting. If you don't have a photo or video, it all becomes just fuzzy memories.
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