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Lost in Space
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Holy shite, Superman, that was some wild ride! Does your cape ever get caught up in your spokes or interfere with your paddling? Does your wife know you're doing stuff like this on your days out away from the kiddies?? Is your life insurance paid up? When my kids were little my wife was loathe to let me do anything anywhere close to exciting for fear she'd end up raising the kids by herself or need to find a replacement.

Damn, that was fun! I took my glasses off to watch the video after you lost yours and it was very wild, definitely added to the excitement to be partially blind to what was coming. I'm sitting here exhausted and soaked to the skin. We enjoy kayaking here in Virginia but it ain't nothing like that! We have really old worn down mountains and big wide low gradient rivers with lots of flats between rapids. We're only a few miles from where the James River cuts through the entirety of the Blue Ridge Mountains and that's pretty fun, but with only one major falls to navigate. Some of the boulders in that stretch are bigger than my house and round like a beach ball. That river you were on was just relentless; I realize you probably edited out the flat stuff, but still... The rivers here don't have much sediment in them, just the occasional "rock garden" (usually where a tributary joins) and lots and lots of rock ledges that can be at any angle to the direction the water is flowing = very challenging. One minute you're floating over 20 feet of water and the next ripping the bottom out of the boat. I saw you go through a few narrow chutes where the flow from both sides likes to blast right into the boat and swamp you if you don't have the skirt on. I've never used an inflatable boat like that before but it looks like just the ticket.

A couple friends of mine have gotten the laser surgery and it worked so well they have perfect eyesight now. One guy said he didn't get any sleep at all the first night after the procedure. Why, did the pain keep you awake? Nope, after 25 years of wearing glasses he kept looking at his alarm clock and marvelling that he could see it clearly without having to find his glasses! Good luck with that.

Very cool video, thanks for sharing!

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