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Thats one BIG CREEK!

Nice Work!

That is really cool that you lost your glasses at that exact moment ... Not that you lost them but that if you hadn’t you would have continued around that bend into a possible life threatening situation.

What I was curious about from there-on was what could you actually see ... Could you only see things close up after it was too late to make adjustments or was it just all a blur? ... I noticed once you came up on a boulder and let out a “Oh-Momma!” as though you hadn’t seen it coming.

Was that blood on your hand after the second flip over ... If so what was the fix ... Let me guess ... You caught a fish and used one of its ribs as a needle then you snuck up behind a sleeping grizzly plucking a few hairs off his back so you could stitch it up without any pain killers and it simply wasn’t worth mentioning in the video because thats just what any 6 year old Canadian kid would do...

One more ... I think I noticed that you turned up the survival mindset a click or two after loosing your glasses, while I was following you down this river I was wondering what you would do to get out of this wilderness if the boat or paddle got away from you in one of those flip overs ... “What” would have been your survival plan? ... I’m not raggin-on-ya for running it solo ... I am inspired by watching it!

Some people are scared to live, few live brighter than most and fewer still are those with an inner knowledge that gives them courage to love this life there given.

Hope the laser eye surgery was a complete success ...
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