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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
The KTM fan is a more heavy duty version that flows a lot of air (you can easily hear it with the engine running), 124 cfm at 1.9 amps, so even more at full power. The DT one appears to be a simple 12V computer fan which must flow a lot less. I am sure it helps but there is no way it will work as well because of the differences in power draw and output.

In the case of stators Trailtech actually makes a product that is better than KTM, both from a reliability as well as functionality point of view. You can see that even KTM has realized this, this is why you can buy repackaged TT stators through the official KTM Hard Parts catalog.

You can try the DT fan but for tight and slow single track with no air flow through the rads I'd recommend the 100W DC system upgrade and the KTM fan, this will leave some head room for heated grips, HID/LED lights, etc.
I'll try their fan and see what happens,it flows 100cfm and is good for a 20 degree drop in temp.
I use my 300 for real singletrack but I figure some sort of fan would be good on the 530.

Seems like after so many years,KTM would put a better stator on the bike to start with,but we know how that goes.
I'll put the TT stator on at some point most likely.
Some bikes around at times
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