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So I think I mentioned it before, but it deserves mention again. Part of this road trip of mine was to put myself out in the world, just to see what would happen. I’m reserved over gregarious, and prefer solitude over social interaction. This kind of demeanor allowed me to develop in my own peculiar way and gave me the time I needed to focus on cultivating my interests. I enjoyed being in the world, but usually only from a distance. A stark contrast from where I am now!

But the experiment was to put myself out there, expose myself to different people and places and see what happens. In short, change the relationship I have with the real world to see what happens. And then one thing literally led to another....

An inmate sent me a link to a club meeting, I showed up and met Kim, the Ducati MN Club President and her husband Gabe, a motorcycle racing instructor from Zaluski Advanced Riding School. Kim had mentioned I should hit up Bob’s Java Café, which I did—and on my way back saw the Ducati Minneapolis Dealer. I figured, what the hell, and stopped in. Ended up meeting the entire crew who worked/owned the place, and then ran into John Meyer from DOOM.

Each and every connection seemed to lead to other connections and each and every person, knowing at least a little about my endeavor, generously helped out in whatever way they could. It really blows my mind just how kind, helpful and supportive other people have been. I’ve honestly not been sure how to react, but I can say that all of the encouragement, assistance and support that’s come from the good people on this thread and the truly genuine people I've recently met has shifted my perception of human nature.

Ok, so enough of the prelude….time to get to the exciting parts.
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