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John from DOOM called me up and said to head over to Ducati Minneapolis, as they had a 'gift' for me. ??? Ok, sweet! Now, the thing about new cities and states is they all do things a little differently. In Pennsylvania, for instance, I blew threw I don't know how many stop signs because there is no big, idiot-proof "STOP" painted prior to the intersection (like they do in CA and most states), and often no intersection lines. Add to that a bunch of trees and, get my point. Once you know, you quickly adapt.

Well, other than the washboard roads here in MN, I hadn't noticed anything too peculiar or different. When I glanced at this intersection:

I should have--but didn't--see that tiny little vertical one way sign and while at that intersection, turned right. (You see it, don't you?) Now had there been a car within 30-40 feet I would have seen it and not turned (there's more than one reason to look where you're going), but there wasn't, and I turned and felt like a total idiot when I saw two cars coming at me (at probably 50mph) and one ready to turn right into me from the parking lot there on the left. GAH! Moron.

I had hoped that no one inside saw.....but unfortunately they did. Double GAH!

Later driving home I saw another car at a different intersection do exactly the same thing, so at least I had good company, but now I'm driving around paranoid that someone is going to turn into me!

In any case--scary. I could easily have ended up in the hospital trying to type this report with my tongue.
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