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I know and understand the lack of dealers or parts supply.

I was riding BMW's back when there were a total of 11 in the entire country if memory serves.
Until last year i was riding a New Triumph Bonneville as my main motorcycle. Triumphs network of dealers was a crap shoot at any given time, here today & gone tomorrow.

I bought a 1985 BMW R80 last year, there are a few good airhead shops around and the internet helps me with parts. Any new BMW dealer can access parts and most will, but they do not provide any service on them. Technicians are pretty good computer code mechanics/parts changers , since that's what they learn in their schools today.

The experience of friends who ride Italian machines is not so good from their comments. The dealer network is small and parts are mostly found via the internet from what I gather. Plus the dealers don't seem to last very long in any location. I put that down to low volume sales, high floor plan costs, and lack of distribution support.
Since i can only afford/justify one machine at a time now I want to buy as wisely as possible and the Italian brands , while very sexy/cool looking give me pause. I try and do as much of the service work as possible on my motorcycles , but I know zero about working on scooters , so a good dealer fairly close by is very important to me.
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