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I did leave out important info

I am sorry to hear about the problems with the Enfield.
Could you tell us when you owned it and what model year it was.

I understand that the engines have been totally redesigned in recent years to meet current emissions regulations.

My RE was a 2005 Bullet Classic (I think - it has been a few years). It was the OLD style, iron cylinder. Not the AVL or even the newer engine, which I hear is better.

I did like the feel of the RE. It cornered great and the Avon tires stuck like glue.

The electrics were a little hinky. Turn the key and sometimes, it wouldn't come on (no lights), jiggle or pull out and reinsert the key and it would work (mostly). Connections seemed to be tight, just a hinky ignition switch. There were a few other things that made me un-excited to ride it as well, but that is the stuff I remember.

That said, I had my bike in the shop 3 times for work the first few months I owned it. The valves constantly needed adjusting. Something was wrong and I let the shop work on it, since I didn't want to void any warranty. When it finally let go and got the rebuild, I sold it. I explained the rebuild and took it in the shorts on that sale. I just didn't trust the bike any more. Left me stranded too many times. I also did not want to go the "lemon law" route, so I sold it. That is just my personal, hands-on ownership experience. Others have had better and these bikes have been climbing the mountains for decades, so they can't all be crap.

I am sure the new engines are better, but they also look newer to me and do not have the "classic" RE look that the 2005 had.

The Triumph Bonnie is as big a bike as the 883 Iron. You really should test ride to know how it feels for you. I would also say to test ride the RE and see what it feels like for you. Who knows, it may be the best fit.
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