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Originally Posted by mattsz View Post
sleeping thread, I know, but...

I just spoke to Rusty at Max BMW in NH - asked about Pine-Sol as a carb dip. He asked the shop guys, and they all laughed - never heard of it. They recommended Simple Green. Can anybody with experience comment on one over the other?

You would not pay Max to soak your carbs in Pine Sol if it was that easy would you?

The good news is you don't have to!

Simple green will take the clearcoat off of any product in a couple minutes.

Not that the pinesol won't if you leave it soaking long enough.

It works, it works awesome. I've done at least 10 carbs now, some of them were so bad that I had to let them sit for a week, but it works for sure. Just follow the instructions of the OP. Soak, wash with dawn and hot water, rinse thoroghly, blow out passages etc. with compressed air. You'll be surprised.
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