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Well here are two well balanced posts. For the record, Dublin is not a shithole. Its the same as every Capitol city ....... It has it's bad areas. As for wheatwhackers comments, this chap is from Limerick, crime centre of Ireland and also known as stab city . Anyway, I met Noah today and extended the friendly hand of Ireland to him. His bike is in the possession of a group of joy riders in a tough neighbourhood and the cops have advised all concerned not to attempt to retrieve it. His story has gone viral here and a lot of bikers have offered to meet up with him for coffee etc to help. I have access to a car workshop near where the bike is so if it's recovered he can use the facilities. So, in closing..... Dublin is not a dump. We are friendly. And we will try to help him.
So the cops know where it is and they won't go get it because its a tough neighborhood? Sounds like we need to lend you some cops from this side of the pond...
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