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Dude. No f-ing way.

I just spent a good part of the day cacthing up on this RR, and I have been loving it as you have passions similar to mine (snowboarding, m/cing & KTM's at that)...I finally made it to the last page only to see this unfortunate turn of events. Sounds like there is hope to retrieve your bike. Stay postive, and just think how this will only add to the overall adventure in the long run. ...and drink another Guiness in the meantime..... or ten.

When I travel on my 950, I hate to stay overnight in a city of any sort; I always have the constant thought of "will it be there in the morning when I wake?" which then always leads to a sleepless night. I would much rather be in the middle of BFE where you can pitch a tent right next to your bike, but that isn't always possible.

And for those who are shitting on Dublin, it isn't like it is the only place where bikes are stolen, it happens everywhere, just some area's more often than others. ....Just go look at the Rockies regional section and you can easily see where the Colorado hot spot is at this time. I grew up New York, and I quickly learned to always be aware of my environment and those who exist in it. Bottom line is that any bike left outside is at risk. It sucks, but that is the world we live in.

If it turns out that your bike in unrecoverable, I vow to sell all my extra motorcycle & snowboard gear that is currently laying around unused, and then donating 100% of the proceeds to you for a replacement bike.

You will ride on.

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