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Originally Posted by AST236 View Post
Interesting topic as I've been wanting to do some cheap adventures on my DR650.

As to the topic of 'oops I forgot my wallet so I'll look you in the eye and and lie in the hope that you'll give me something for free', that may fly in some parts of the country, but here in the South, we pretty much call that 'stealing' and don't take kindly to it. And offering to do some sort of work after the fact, knowing full well that a business owner is not going to let a non employee around the counter, just adds to the deciet and insult.

Servers work hard for the little bit of money they make (much of it in the form of tips) and businesses today are getting by on pretty thin margins. We're a pretty generous lot here and will go out of our way to help people in need, but don't take advantage of us.
While I agree on the whole even waitstaff and clerks may throw you a few dollars if you are willing to haul out some smelly trash or hose out the grease trap. I think for me the key is I ask after I pay for what I need not try and give the imprssion that I somehow can't pay.

And I really don't see anything impressive about vacationing on handouts. Call it whatever you like it's trying to get something for nothing when you really don't even need it.
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