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Thank you Scotty !

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Well here are two well balanced posts. For the record, Dublin is not a shithole. Its the same as every Capitol city ....... It has it's bad areas. As for wheatwhackers comments, this chap is from Limerick, crime centre of Ireland and also known as stab city . Anyway, I met Noah today and extended the friendly hand of Ireland to him. His bike is in the possession of a group of joy riders in a tough neighbourhood and the cops have advised all concerned not to attempt to retrieve it. His story has gone viral here and a lot of bikers have offered to meet up with him for coffee etc to help. I have access to a car workshop near where the bike is so if it's recovered he can use the facilities. So, in closing..... Dublin is not a dump. We are friendly. And we will try to help him.
Simply amazing this network works again, I certainly hope you get your precious back dude!!! That Biker.IE thread somebody posted says it was stolen from Talbot Street and was later seen on Dunsink lane (old info at this point, just collecting...)

I was going to contact the only tiny moto connection I have with Ireland and that is Sean (Sean Patrick Dillon) of fame. I thought perhaps one of his contacts can help out. On his Equipment page he says:
"On the subject of bike preparation I cannot thank Mick and Declan enough at Motorcycle City, Blessington St in Dublin..."
So hell maybe they can help too? Just doing all the data mining I can...

Sean is the crazy (I think Dubliner) who shipped his bike to Alaska and is riding to the bottom tip of S. America on his 1987 Honda 90 Cub. Yeah that's right a 90cc bike!!! Below is where I met him in Baja in Feb this year, currently it looks like he may be in Panama? or perhaps trying to get across the Darien Gap?? dunno.

Anyhow in the spirit of RTW and the ADV comunity and the love of the Irish spirit (my mother-in-law was 100% Irish), here is a pic of Sean in Mulege, Baja, Mexico from Feb 2012. Sure it's off topic but I'm just trying to add to the connection we all have on this big ol' planet and the ADV universe.

Noah, if Sean can make it on a 50, you can surely make it! (course the odds of it getting a Cub 50 nicked for a joyride are surely less than your KTM )

Keep the faith Noah! Good luck man!

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