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Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the quick and very detailed response. Other vendors could learn alot from you!

Again, I apologize for some of the questions, as getting used to this device is a bit frustrating at times, and I am learning something new nearly every day! You are certainly correct in that unfamiliarity with the workings of the device itself is a contributing factor to my problem. I will read the resources that you listed and keep at it, but in the meantime, I did respond to some of your questions below for clarification and to possibly assist others.

Again, thanks so much for the program, and your time answering questions!

Originally Posted by wingwing View Post
a) are you sure you had the brightness turned ALL the way up?.. if you leave it on "automatic" sometimes it still does not turn up all the way. Yes, it is set to maximum brightness.
b) was the phone plugged in while you were riding or running off battery?... some phones will dim as the battery discharges. Yes, I had it plugged in to a 12 volt line, and the battery bar maintained 100%.
c) do you have a screen protector on the phone?.. that is the biggest contributing factor to the screen appearing "dim" outside. If you have a screen protector AND clear plastic for the tank bag, then I'd be surprised if you could see it at all.
I do not have screen protector on mine; it makes it nearly un-usable outside. Yes, the Verizon store insisted on putting on a replaceable peel off protector when I bought the phone. I have actually ordered an Otter box protective cover, but I am not sure what approach they use in terms of the tough screen protection?

Please check and tell me which version of EMFB you are using (tap and hold the EXIT button and the version will display on the first line). If you are still using version 4.18 then there is an easy fix and that is upgrade to version 4.19. Shortly after the release of 4.18 several people reported right away they were having connectivity issues with Samsung phones... it only seemed to affect Samsung phones for reasons unknown to me. I made some change in the code, released it as version 4.19 and in every case, it fixed the connectivity issues. I posted an update in the PLAY STORE and in this thread last month. See this post:
If you HAVE already updated to version 4.19 then I'm at a loss to explain your connection issues. No one else is reporting that at this time. Please, let me know? Unfortunately, it is already 4.19.
If your phone allows complete control you should find a setting either in DISPLAY or DEBUG that says something like "keep display always on when charging". If youre phone does NOT permit that, then the other alternatives are:
a) Go to Display and set the time out to the highest setting. For most Samsung, that is about 30 minutes. That means you only have to tap the phone ONCE before 30 minutes expires to keep the display on. Unfortunately, the screen timeout max is only 10 minutes on my phone. There isn't any "keep display on while charging", although it has a feature called Smart Stay that disables screen timeout if it senses that my face is watching the screen.
b) If your phone does not natively allow you to adjust the time out, you can download any one of several FREE apps from the PLAY STORE that will keep your display on for as long as you wish. I will look into this option.
Something is wrong with your PC or your connection. Google Maps never freezes on me. I pre-plan many detailed routes using it. I often get asked for some "back roads" way to Key West since I live and ride in Florida a lot. When asked, I share this Google MY MAP I made. It was very easy to create by dragging the lines around. I'm at a loss to explain why Google MY MAPS does work for you.. My PC is older, and I have been waiting for the new IMAC to be released and jump over to the Apple ship after having used my daughter's Macbook Pro. Maybe this is the problem.
See if you can see this from your BROWSER.. Yes, it comes right up.
My software, EMFB does NOT create routes by dragging lines. Even the Google MAPS for Android phone does not do that. There are many requests for that feature, but currently it does not exist.
There are however some easy workarounds (I'll get to in a bit).
if you had contacted me sooner I could have helped with that. The easy answer is yes it does. If you speak something and it does not get it exactly, just tap the blue window and the keyboard will pop up and you can edit what you said with BIG easy to see letters. If you don't wish to speak something first, just tap and hold the DESTINATION button and it will bring up a list of previous destinations.. tap on any one of those and either change it or erase it completely and type in what ever you wish. As soon as you tap either NAVIGATE TO or SHOW MAP that info gets entered into the EMFB previous destinations list. (and that is another piece of what I alluded to above about regarding "easy workarounds" .. more on that below). I will play around with this feature. Thanks for that.
ok.. keep all that in mind but lets use EMFB to "keep" the list for you.
Whenever I plan a complex route for my next day I look at the roads I want to travel like you do. I read into EMFB the names of towns along the way. Just speak it, say show map and if it was "right", then use the task manager key to switch back to EMFB, tap "TRY AGAIN" and say the next waypoint. In this manner you can create your "index card" route in EMFB. You can save up 50 waypoints in this manner. Then, as you ride and reach your waypoint, just "tap and hold" DESTINATION, find the next waypoint on your list and either tap SHOW MAP or NAVIGATE TO. I wear ATGATT, so having to take off gloves and tap the screen at each waypoint would not be convenient. That is why I have the entire list on one big index card, so I can see everything without having to hit any buttons, etc.; this is also why even having the screen on for 30 minutes before having to touch the screen again isn't really workable. Maybe I am misunderstanding this?
An alternate method if you carry a small notebook is drag and plot the whole day on GOOGLE MAPS (the on line version).. save that to my MAPS and then using your Android GOOGLE MAPS select "MY MAPS and your course will be there. Tap the compass icon and you location will be super imposed over the route. All you have to do is stay on the line. No notebook. I also don't use a mic and speakers, so that function isn't really useful to me. I can see how awesome it would be if I did wear the sound gear, however.
I will try some of your suggestions and do some more reading. Thanks so much!
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