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Originally Posted by bones_708 View Post
While I agree on the whole even waitstaff and clerks may throw you a few dollars if you are willing to haul out some smelly trash or hose out the grease trap. I think for me the key is I ask after I pay for what I need not try and give the imprssion that I somehow can't pay.

And I really don't see anything impressive about vacationing on handouts. Call it whatever you like it's trying to get something for nothing when you really don't even need it.

I agree. I"m not even opposed to working for my supper as long as it's done honestly. How about telling the owner/manager 'I'm on a motorcycle adventure and really on a tight budget. Do you have any work I could do in exchange for a meal?' If the guy says 'yes' and you both uphold your part of the deal, no harm done. Everybody wins. If he says 'no', either thank him and move on or sit down and order something cheap. Again, no harm done.

That is not the same as the earlier poster though, who blatently lies to get what he wants.
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