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Originally Posted by RoundOz View Post
...what the feck do you think you're doing?

Not only are you actually showing people all across this cruiser-infected country that it is possible to TRAVEL on an Italian superbike (provided you can push the pain into a little a little box over there), but you are also blogging about it with enough amazing photos, personal insights and philosophical meanderings that undoubtedly will lead some small percentage of the wallet-on-a-chain, be-tasseled types to start thinking that they can maybe do without the cup holder, sound system and fishtail dragpipes and buy an actual motorcycle. Unfortunately that small percentage works out to be a vast multitude...pretty soon every city block will have at least one chromed-out Hyper or Multi, with tassels and the cup holder they really couldn't do without. That wonderful bonus of exclusivity will be out the window and it will all be your fault! As Cleese once said "It's people like you what cause unrest"
Seriously though, well done man. Very entertaining.
AntiHero, not to steal your thread, but after reading your GREAT REPORT and this comment I had to post one small pic for you to see my ride AND this is why I said I think I'm planning too much! LOL

Tassels WILL NOT be included!!!!!! LOL
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