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Progress is still happening slowly. My Computer crashed and burnt so that's why I haven't posted any updates lately. I'm at work for a week at the moment and can finally give you guys somesort of update, unable to post pics for the moment. The slot in the rear of the swingarm has been machined to accept the crf axle. It has also had all brackets ect cut off. The slot has also been extended foreward by the difference in the radius from the new axle to the old one. This ensures the new axle will have the same centerline when it is right foreward.
I have decided to make a new steering stem rather than machine the crf item. I just don't like the idea of reducing the wall thickness of that part. I have done all the measurements and drawn up the stem and spacer that i need to make in cad. Just need time to get it done now.

I bought a cylinder sleve and forged piston kit (102mm). Engine displacement will be 650cc. I've been doing a lot of work preparing the engine for soda blasting, removing casting marks and a weld repair on a front sprocket cover mount. I've removed the broken exhaust studs and tapped the holes ready for helicoils. I've stripped the head and rocker cover completely including pushing out the old valve guides. The rockers aren't in bad condition with only one needing replacement along with it's piviot shaft. A number of the 6mm threads in the head were stripped so I've drilled out all of the 6mm threads in the top end and tapped them ready to be fitted with helecoils. No more stripped threads here, ever. Still got some to do but I hope the get the engine ready for blasting within the next two weeks.
I'll post pics as soon as I get the chance and try to keep the progress rolling.
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