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I'm luv'in this thread. I'm riding my first Kbike..75 and love it, having owned 3 previous Beemers, all air heads. From my reading, I'm gathering that the K's were very advanced for their time in many ways....and that the engines weren't built for max. output, but for longevity. Am I right on this? I'm aware of numerous Ks that have well over 200,000 miles and the engine hasn't been touched, other than regular maintenance.

What I know from first hand experience: My bike, an '88 with 56,000 miles, the last 8,000 put on by me, is very nimble, will travel at rather high speeds (90+mph) for extended periods without a whimper, will attain 118mph in a one mile strip and seems to like (love) rpm's above 4500. Having said all that (and what more could one ask?) I normally use it as a commuter bike, although my wife and I (she rides a Kawi Versys) have some fun trips planned when the damn filthy hot weather here in Phx. lets up.
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