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MyNetMoto is a european online store. They sell tires for pretty nice prices. here:

I got mine yesterday and i'm hoping to get them on next week.

I had them on backorder since march.

As for the skidplate i have the 990 SM and i switched for the high headers and a 2-1 collector. So i have room underneath the engine to mount the skidplate. I had a similar version with the original headers as well. The picture is not very good as my camera broke and the picture is taken with my cellphone.

But the basic idea is that i have rubber matting in between the oilpan and the plate then i mounted the skidplate to the same place the original headers attach from underneath the engine and to the crashbars. The plastic and the rubber give and divide the hit to a large area instead of trying to take the whole hit. That way the construction is light and you have to worry only about keeping the skidplate from falling off instead of trying to make a stiff enough construction to take a big hit.In a major hit to a construction like that the oilpan bolts break but the oilpan itself won't break.
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