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Well. Since I have been in Ireland I have not posted any pictures. Today I got a very nice personalized tour of the city, some government buildings and a museum from a local guy who actually was one of the guys who spotted the 690 being flogged. This was the firs time I have actually taken my camera out of the case since receiving my bike and getting it through customs. So now I am feeling pretty good about live. So here are the past few days:

Thursday Aug 9.
Land in Dublin. Get my bags. Go to Servisair to get documents for Customs. Go to customs and get documents stamped for Servisair. Wait for an hour for the Servisair warehouse people to bring the crate containing the 690 out.
Put all the luggage on the 690 and get ride of the $10 shatty rolling luggage purchased in Toronto to carry everything. I was able to keep the Giantloop on the bike with my tools, spare parts, jacket, pants, boots and helmet strapped to the bike or in the bag. This helped a lot. Traveling with out a bike SUCKS with all the moto gear.

Getting all packed up.

So then I traveled into Dublin the whole time concentrating on driving on the "right" err.. Left side of the road. I checked into a hostel and unloaded my bike. at this point I could hardly see strait I needed to go to bed so bad. After a couple hour nap the moto was missing. So for the past 3 days I have been receiving emails, messages and phone calls from people all over Dublin, Ireland and the world. I felt so alone the first day but now I feel like the whole country is behind me. I have been offered bikes to ride, bikes to buy, tours by car, places to stay, coffee, food, shop space, vans and money. I am wondering when the woman will show up.
I walked around a fair bit by myself but I have been feeling kinda shitty. A combination of the jetlag an circumstance no doubt.

This guy was a street artist. He did amazing work. I wish I had a picture of the paining that was already done.

Obviously I am finding good food. I have to keep my "shape". They look at me funny when I order "black coffee"

Here are some pictures of today.

This is the "spire". Its tall enough to warrant a airplane beacon.

This is where the Pope talked to a million people in the 70s. Not so interesting but the view from there was great.

This is where the American Ambassador lives. I'll be phoning ahead next time so I can stay here. It probably has secure parking

Irish Whitehouse

This is an old army barracks that is now a museum.

Lots of interesting guns. This one must have been super accurate.

I might have to borrow this if I don't get Katy back soon.

This is from a B29 from WWII

Guns from the rebellion in 1916. Most of them came from Germany.

This is the Gun-runner boat that brought most of the guns in. Apparently she was fast.

I learned a lot today. Like Ireland invaded Canada. Really Canada?

And the Irish military liked to wear pajamas.

"Get out of bed.. time to fight!" This guy was bare feet and all.

Very cool navigation device.

Dueling pistols. The original Duel-sport?

Early coin mint.

Lots of silver stuff.

I'll be going here soon I think. It is true what they say. The Guinness does taste better in Ireland.
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