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Originally Posted by preppypyro View Post
Haha thats funny! If my bike didnt wobble, and would go up to 180 mph, id probably try it though!

As for bumps, the highways up here arent great, but the slight wobble really isnt noticeable till I decide to really get on the throttle. I havent even read much more about it yet, cause in all reality I dont NEED to be going faster then 130.
Somethings not right if you are getting wobbles at those speeds. Since you were a tire tech, you have no doubt ruled out any out-of-balance issues. Moving along to stuff that would be easy to correct, is there any way that you may have squeezed the lower fork tubes together tightening the front axle? That could cause one or both fork legs to bind which might set the bike into a wobble. There is a step by step tightening procedure in the manual. The other thing that comes to mind is the steering head bearings either being bad or improperly tightened. My bike has been rock solid on pavement up to 200kph (125mph). That was with a 16 tooth cs and I don't ever hit the limiter. I have no idea what these bikes will do with a 17 tooth.

angustoyou - I hope I did not come across as being flippant or a blow-hard trying to sound badass. I have had the good fortune to ride dirt with people who truly were badass and at the top of their sports and I am not in their leauge. I really am not one to take risks and and when I go really fast on dirt, the conditions and the bike have to be spot on. I don't want to crash, but more important to me, I don't want to put my wife through that.
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