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Originally Posted by Boulder Ed View Post
Looks quite entertaining, and the Triumph is perfect for not getting one in trouble. I had an 03' 955i Tiger and it always seemed to be missing one cylinder and 40 HP compared o my sportbikes. Perfect for having a great ride without getting into trouble
LOL Well this Trumpet's supposed to be putting out over 130hp so she spools up pretty quickly and goes pretty fast.

Originally Posted by legion View Post
Don't make a mistake, Mark. The runoff looks a little short. Cool road though. Might there be a constable on it?

Last time I landed on Annette there was a burned up fuselage beside the runway. That was an odd visual as the plane coasted by. Made you wonder if it might've been a problem on take-off?
Yeah, there are local police and I've been wondering what they'd do if they catch me speeding. I've been asking around and been told that it'd prolly just be a warning. I didn't mention how fast I might be going tho. The day I took these photos a cop got on the road right in front of me so I decided it was a good day to slow down and take some pictures. Not sure what the locals think of me wearing a one-piece with an aero-hump on it. They aught to be getting used to seeing me here with some odd toys tho.

The runway on Annette used to see a LOT of usage as there wasn't an airport in Ketchikan till the '70's. All the planes headed north refueled here during WWII and the Coast Guard used to have a base here too. My dad worked up in the tower here back in the day before going up to Anchorage to work FAA there.

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