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Originally Posted by adam_c_eckhardt View Post
Had a reply typed up and then the site appeared to have crashed.

I cleared some brush where the septic leach field is going and got into some ground bees. The whole Yin Yang thing must be working out, because I didn't get stung a single time. Don't know how- they were all over the place.

Today we dug a trench (80 feet) to run power and cable from the meter pedestal into the house. $250 worth of conduit and 3 gallons of sweat later we're all done.

Looks like we're back in the groove.
Dude, it's karma from your hippie friend man. I had one in the yard and the bastards stung me in the back of the head while I was mowing!

Glad you made some progress! Serious humidity this weekend!
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