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Catching up with my past
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Geez Noah, sorry to get this news. I just got back from a 3 day ride with 130 inmates to see this. I signed the front of your bike -BRITISH COLUMBIA- when we met on the ferry and I'm counting on that going the distance with you.

I remember going into that shop in Lillooet with you and you not worrying about locking your bike there - too much care free Minnesota attitude while I have built in South African security paranoia DNA
I've had bad sh1t happen to me too and I agree with a previous post... you will look back on this one day as a part of what you took on, another crooked step in your world adventure and a crazy, unexpected and also good chapter in your life. Look at all the good new people you are meeting right now JUST because of this loss. So here's the thing - your trip will now be completely different to how it would have been just because of these changed plans etc etc -even if you do get Miss Katoom back. You'll stay longer in Ireland than planned, be on a different ferry when you leave where you meet an amazing woman and end up with better inlaws than the ones you might have had if your bike wasn't stolen
It's a huge PITA right now but we are all rooting for you.

So take all the positive out of this and you will be smiling a LOT one day!
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