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I put the Versys back together on Wednesday.

Sunday was the first dry day in I don't know how long. We made a rectangle on the map: Morganton, Mountain City, Wytheville, and Wilkesboro.

BTW: the Marathon station in Mountain City sells 90 octane with no ethanol.

Everyone is getting in on the act.

Crossing Nebo Mountain, we picked up a 650 GS mit ein Pillion, who was doggin' us. Well played. They peeled off at Ceres.

We have to come back to this mountain with trail bikes.

Lucky's tire was making a strange sound coming into Jefferson. Now we know how many CO2 cartridges is enough. That would have been better learned in the garage than out on the road, but we had enough.

That is a new Anakee on there.

The reamer and the plug entered the hole much easier than they should have. Bubbles emerged for a second or two after the plug was in place but then stopped.

The repair seemed to hold.

Man, Layla just pulled out of the driveway to go edumacate them younguns. My day will get here soon.
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