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Well it took a little while for me to make my choice, but I went with what was suggested here and got a QB78. Ordered it sunday.

Shot a little of everything this weekend, first time with a real gun in MONTHS....doG I use to be able to hit stuff. At the trap house after 4 out of 15 I was in pretty good much for DR's telling me to quit if it hurt...but hay you can't quit on a miss, and I quit on 3 in a row with tears in my eyes.

Then at home I started with the old Gamo rifles I have....cocking is still a bit of a chore.....and makes me I said screw-it and bought the CO2 rifle. I could hit all day long from a rest, so I think that my eye and trigger control is still good....... but off hand forget about left arm is just too weak to hold the rifle will get there in time....I hope.

I also picked up my CZ454 with a scope larger then hubble and could not come close to being able to hold the thing steady...I did not remember it being that heavy.....I till be a LONG time before I am ready for small bore again.
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