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Originally Posted by bobbed06 View Post
This is the Shorai Lithium Ion I have.....Saved 4 lbs over the SSW Super Start sized batt and cranks my big bore extremely fast.
Shorai is Lithium IRON, not Lithium Ion.

There are significance differences between these two "Lithium" technologies worthy of consideration.
  • Lithium IRON is non toxic and can be disposed of in a landfill,
  • Lithium IRON doesn't have tendencies to overheat and catch fire like Lithium ION does. (even Lead Acid out-gasses Hydrogen and is prone to catch fire)

The other poster with the desire to avoid Lithium batteries may not want to lump all "Lithium" batteries together until they have learned a little more about Lithium Iron.

Ballistic and Shorai are Lithium IRON batteries.

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