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Originally Posted by blaster11 View Post
The real issue for me and any Lithium battery is that to be quite honest regular batteries work just fine for me and lithium is not quite where I want it to be as far as robustness, reliability, safety, and compatibility with my charging system. I work with a wide range of Lithium batteries in my daily job and we have problems regularly. These are all the common types built into custom applications so I am quite familiar with the market place. I regularly put them on shake tables and run them through a wide range of temperatures and I see very clearly what they are capable of and not capable of first hand. Honestly to each their own...I don't have a battery problem which I need a lithium battery to solve.
I have been curious when the LiFe manufacturers will be able to build the appropriate charging system into the battery and better manage the charging output from most motor vehicles. Having a separate charging plug is a good first step. I guess it is challenging to put regulation between the cells and the load, and motor vehicles share those terminals for both duties.

It probably won't be long before we see these technologies with built-in smart chargers and circuitry that prevents incoming current from reaching the cells without passing through this circuitry. It is a new game with a lot of promise, considering the energy/weight ratio, and should have enough demand from the automotive market to stimulate development.

I would be curious to know what sort of issues you have discovered with batteries that share the cell design used in Ballistic or Shorai batteries, particularly in regard to the testing method and battery longevity in this application.

For now I am pleased with my 4-cell Ballistic on the DRZ. the weight reduction up high and to the rear is something that makes a difference I can feel when riding. That alone was enough reason for me to go with this battery.

It appears to be a neat, completely sealed package and I would like to know if there are know issues from testing that indicate any possibility of a high failure rate due to exposure to the type of vibrations found on a dirt bike. This is the sort of issue that Lead Acid batteries had (prior to using mats to prevent shorting between plates), and is what had me looking for alternatives due to the short life that lead acid offers.

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