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angustoyou - I hope I did not come across as being flippant or a blow-hard trying to sound badass. I have had the good fortune to ride dirt with people who truly were badass and at the top of their sports and I am not in their leauge. I really am not one to take risks and and when I go really fast on dirt, the conditions and the bike have to be spot on. I don't want to crash, but more important to me, I don't want to put my wife through that.
No worries, we all take risks of one kind or another, and we all make a judgement on the risks we're prepared to take, we just need enough information first. I'd just hate myself if someone had asked advice, and I didn't post a word of caution, and they then went out and got hurt, or totaled the bike. I figure that you're a big enough boy to be making your own mind up though.

You make a real good point about our loved ones having to put up with the crap that comes from our dodgy decisions though. My wife's spent more than enough time by the side of a hospital bed worrying about me. And how my mother has any hair left from my younger days on bikes I'll never know....
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