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Originally Posted by ScootTour View Post
My question is what temperature is it just to hot to tour?
I live and commute in Houston and it will be 106 heat index and that is actually ok for about 35 mins even in stop and go traffic.
But all day? even if constantly moving? I am not sure. My gut tells me it would be fine as long as I drink plenty of water and sunscreen. Water because even though the wind makes me 'feel' less hot I am still sweating.
We all respond differently to high temperatures. As you can see by the pics in this thread, I wear gear no matter what. For my jacket, I prefer leather and even if it is a perforated summer leather, it feels warm when ambient is at 95 deg F and more, even when moving because of the screen on the bike. Also, I always wear a full face helmet, which unfortunately keeps me toasty too. Same for riding pants and boots.. But that's my choice on safety. When it is hot like that weekend and I am sure the coming labor day weekend, I still ride all day but I stop every hour or so to re-hydrate. I drink a lot of water and sports drinks.
I'm glad all my gear as washable liners because.. yea... I sweat in these!
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