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Hey gP,

I ended up using the Magura MC with the dual-cable throttle housing that belongs on the later /6s.

The problem was the "nose" through which the throttle cables exit was interfering with the MC.

Rotating the throttle housing backwards (CCW) and keeping the cables aft of the MC put the blinker switches too far down and out of reach for my thumb. Plus the lever was too high.

Rotating the throttle house forward and putting the cables to the fore of the MC was OK in terms of the blinker switches, but the lever was too low and the shape of the throttle housing forced the MC to be mounted too far inboard (the place where the lever pivots was hitting the throttle housing). So I ground off (what I think ) are non-critical pieces of the lever pivot area and throttle housing to make them fit as close together as possible. Placement isn't perfect, bit I can live with it.

Brakes work fine. Lever is chrome instead of black and a bit shorter than the clutch cable on the other side. Not stock, but I saved the original pieces if I ever want to go back.

Will try to remember to send pix tonight.
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