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@ Zombie Stomp: Your model looks like a 2KF/2NF. The only way to get some for this model is to ask in some forums or to built one youself. I have mine from Hepco&Becker, searched for them on ebay for a year to get a fitting one. As far as i know they arent interchangable. There are different ones for the model 87-89, 90-94 an 95-03.

@ bosley: Nice modifications. Need to get mine on the dynamometer when i am done setting the carburettor up. I am testing my setup with an lambda sensor at the moment.
I have a modified airbox with a mesh on the top, K&N airfilter, modified carburettor, Stage 2 camshaft with more and longer valve lift, larger stainless mainfold and a LeoVince Exhaust.

@ pappito: It is very nice to lubricate the chain. But I leave that to the chainoiler a friend of mine developed himself.
But it is good to change bothe tires/rims at the same time. I had loosen all bolts and was about to take the rim out when the tire company figured out that my reartire was sent back to their main depot. :(

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