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Love the video, Mug. Brings back lots of scary memories!

My all time favorite drink up till Thursday night had been Hendrick's and Tonic. Hendrick's is an 'oddly' made gin and I was first turned onto it by one cool dude and Hendricks' audacious slogan, "One in 100 people prefer Hendrick's." Since then it's grown in popularity, but I rarely hear anyone ask for it. Then Chachi shows up and orders Hendrick's and Tonic with bitters. And hit me in the back of the head with a broken shelf--the bitters instead of lime increase my love of this drink twofold. (Or, if you judge me by the number of them I consumed over a 24 hour period, perhaps 12 fold.)

So just about after I recovered from the overconsumption of spirits on Thurs., SuperChachi scores us both tickets to Nitro Circus. Couple drinks before and one during the movie started things out right.

And after we head into his territory.

Nothing like taunting death to ensure a long, healthy existence:

Everyone everywhere knew the man. And no, I'm not talking like, "hey, you're the guy who touched me in the locker room when I was 13" kind of know him. Bouncers, girls, hip looking maniacs knew and also LIKED him, which was a relief when you're (meaning 'me') an introvert who's also a little bit of an agoraphobe.
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