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ok, I have been doing a lot of things lately, mainly testing, measuring going back and forth but I am finally so close ... The first supplier screw me up big time with the quality of the things that he supplied but I will see it as a good thing as (1) he could not do any text engraving/cutting end (2) he allowed me to modify the design in order to make it better ... So here is my progress so far, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do designing the thing It is the first time I am using my skills to built something for me so please excuse my excitement ...

I wanted certain things from a Navigation tower. Mainly the following sum up my needs...

1) RB holder, GPS and IMOs should fit on the NavTower.
2) Switches for fan, aux lights and imo should be easily accesible
3) Made from 3 and 4 mm aluminium sheet
4) NavTower will hold the lights. LED lights were chosen to be bought from ADVmonster. Two spots and two wides. Very happy with the purchase, Lights are spot on. A head light was also bought from advmonster. All four lights should be fully adjustable, tilt left and right, up and down, going in and out, up and down etc
5) Should be fully adjustable. Angle, height etc.
6) KTM speedo should fit somewhere there in order to keep the fuel and the temp lights.
7) A 12V battery should fit somewhere in order to keep the IMOs and the RB running in case of an electrical failure.
8) The same for the lights. Auxiliary cables for an auxiliary lithium battery in order to be prepared for these dark moments in the race ... It will be a 24 hours rally so I am going anal with the lights
9) Fuse box should be on the tower. LED fuses will be used in order to check blown fuses during the night stages.
10) Light bases should be able to convert for everyday riding. (i.e. put something to create the cut off effect so as not to blind oncoming drivers.)

So... Here I go ...

When I design something in the computer, I use the sheet metal design feature which unfolds the sheet metal for you. Then I print it in A4 pages. I use this as a base to cut the thing from a special material that is being used by architects to build models. ... The process looks like so :

once I cut the parts, I bend them in the right shape and use duct tape to hold them in that position. And yes my other bike is an Angry BerG

So here we are with the very first version of the thing...

The screen needs to be modified, but this will be done in a later stage. Never mind the elastic bands, they were there to keep everything in place as I have not done any welding yet...


So. the conclusions so far are that (1) it is way too big with the KTM speedo, (2) the switchboard looks a little big and (3) the minimum height is way too high for me ... ... One could get taller as time goes by but I doubt it for me at this stage , plus the race is late November so I guess only an operation would give me this extra push ... I think I ve gone over to the bad place again... ...

Anyways, I was back to the drawing board and in the next couple of hours I modified the whole thing...

The next thing I have done in order to perfect it is the following.
I seperated the whole thing in three parts.
a - The main unit which will hold the RB, IMOs and GPS
b - Switchboard for the toggle switches with the LED lights.
c - KTM speedo assembly with toggle switches onboard.

This allows me to run quite a number of configurations. For example I can discart everything and keep only the KTM speedo on the Tower assembly. Or run the KTM speedo with toggle switches. Or the RB main unti with toggle swiches on the bottom. Or on the rightside of the RB... Imagination is my friend at this stage

ok. So here are the first videos that I have done...

You can see that the above is only in one part. Now the second try...

You can now see clearly the three parts. Main, KTM speedo holder and switchboard.

The two final ones are the ones I am going to be manufacturing, too bad the suppliers are closed for holidays at the moment but come september I will have everything up and running ... So the height is now better and the supplier can cut the text in order to create a great effect... If I manage to put some LEDs underneath it should be looking very nice during night riding ...

Almost there ... Never Give Up !

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