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Originally Posted by hayasakiman View Post
If it was my scoot showing that much improvement with iridium plug over regular plug provided the heat range is correct, I would review all of connections and components related with ignition system. Make sure there's no corrosion or crud build up preventing proper flow of electrons.
I did this once before, but it makes complete sense. Maybe I missed something. When I did some high speed runs it was just a little bit cutting out. Not a lot, but it would stumble every once in a while. Like 3-4 times for a blip in 5 miles of WOT. I might not have noticed if I wasn't paying attention. Sometimes I magically fix stuff just by playing with it. (wiggling wires) Also, maybe I'm just breaking in this motor again after sitting for 21yrs? I keep adding a couple ozs. of Seafoam to every tank. Thanks for all the advice!

Filled up today: 60.3mpg.

53.9 fixed float valve and petcock leaks. adjusted brakes so they don't drag.
55.4 deep cleaned carb.
??? Iridium plug?
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