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Originally Posted by davsato View Post
it better not fire a lead pellet at 1000fps! if it did that would push a superdome out at 32lb/ft which is nearly 3 times the legal limit here! i dont know if my chronograph still works........
How to they actually determine the limits in england?

I know they have some laws about the power of the air rifles, but is seems like the air rifle world is a bit like the lawn mower world, cars with horse power rates...where more is better.....but it is not quite real life.

I would think that it would actually be good for a company to have in their ad's a number that would be a little lower then what the real world FPS numbers would be....then they could sell them in the UK.

On a side note does a CO2 gun require the special scopes like springers need?....I would not think so but wanted to check.
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