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For those who inquired about carbs

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the great interest. The interest in the carbs has been almost overwhelming. To respond to everyone and keep things fair, here is the sequence in which I have received inquiries/requests (specifically in the carbs….if you have inquired about something else, I will respond separately and I have everything ready to be boxed up).

When I started going through the carbs to make sure I had everything complete for the first few that inquired, I realized there are little things on most of them that need to be fully disclosed. I’ve gone through and measured them all and tried to disclose anything that I could outwardly observe as missing. If it’s not noted as missing, then assume everything else is in intact.

Order of Requests:
  1. Frog – already have a complete 39mm carb set aside since he was first
  2. Johnf3 – have a 41 mm carb set aside
  3. Pfdskipper
  4. Bicycle Phil
  5. Jesusgatos
  6. Trailtrick
  7. DRjoe
  8. teamftb

Here is what I have remaining. Pfdskipper, Bicycle Phil, JesusGatos, Trailtrick, DRjoe, let me know if any of these are of interest to you. I will give you your choice based on the above order of request.

All of these measurements are based on using a micrometer to measure the interior diameter of the intake valve side of the carburetor. Someone please correct me if this is not the proper way to measure the carb.

Just about everyone of the carbs has the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) cable attached. Only a couple have the black plastic cover that goes over the throttle cam (where the two throttle cables attach). Many have the slide, but not all of them. None of them have the needle.

  • 42.42 – missing top cap but has slide, has hoses
  • 40.25 – no slide, has hoses
  • 38.00 – has slide and air fuel mixture screw, no hoses
  • 38.32 – has slide, with hoses, no air fuel mixture screw
  • 38.36 – has slide, with hoses
  • 38.75 wide x 43.44 tall (I’m not sure what’s up with this one. The intake tract is more oblong). Has slide, with hoses, no choke knob or air mixture screw, but otherwise looks virtually brand new
  • 38.29 – no slide, with hoses and air fuel mixture screw
  • 38.26 – no slide, with hoses and air fuel mixture screw
  • 38.06 – no slide or cap or air fuel mixture screw, no hoses
  • 40.75 – no cap or slide, no choke knob or air fuel mixture screw, has hoses
  • 38.32 – no throttle cam, no slide or air fuel mixture screw
  • 40.20 – no hoses, no TPS, missing float bowl drain plug and other cap to left of bowl (accelerator pump). Has slide
  • 38.19 – no hoses, no slide, with air screw (but missing 2 allen head bolts for cap)
  • 38.26 – no bowl (bottom part), no slide, no hoses
  • 38.28 – no bowl (bottom part), no slide, no hoses
  • 40.23 – no slide, missing float bowl drain plug and air fuel mixture screw. Throttle cam in a bag, no hoses.

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