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Originally Posted by mikem9 View Post
After posting this as a stand alone thread in Thumpers I saw this thread pop up. Any thoughts?

Has anyone switched from a KTM 400/450/525/530 EXC to a Yamaha WR250r. Or have both? Would you mind sharing your experiences? I hear some folks are increasing power, lowering weight etc. of their WR250r's.

My boys and I share 3 tagged dirt bikes: 04 KTM 450 Exc, an 06 KTM 400 Exc, (plus an 01 WR250f). . Just got back from a trip to Colorado where we trailered our bikes out there.

We love riding the KTM's off-road (singletrack etc they are perfect), but we are getting a little tired of the maintenance intervals and issues. Also, when Dual sporting, they are not very fun on the street. The 5 speed Yamaha WRf is especially not fun on the street.

One of the KTM's, with 5500 miles, couldn't go on the trip because it needed new valves and a top end rebuild at the last minute. The other KTM (4500 miles) had to have it's valves adjusted (will need new valves soon) and new wheel bearings, then on the trip we blew a fork seal, blew a clutch (slave cylinder), and wore out the swing arm and steering head bearings. The frequent oil change intervals, steps you take to change the oil and valve check intervals are getting old.

The old yamaha wr250f only needed an oil change and was bullet proof the entire trip, besides being finicky to start at times. (negatives - 5 speed and electric start only).

Considering trying a WR250r for easier maintenance intervals, better reliability and better street ability. I realize they are not supposed to be near the dirt bike as the KTMs, but the tradeoffs may be worth it?
Well, I've owned a KTM 520EXC in the past that was a tagged DS and I just sold a Husky TE-610 specifically to find a nice Yamaha WR250R.

I know exactly where you are coming from on the KTM. I loved every minute of it I was flogging it and and running around N. GA on the trails although I will say even at times it got boring on the gravel because it was so over kill. I absolutely hated any length of street.

The Husky did much better at bridging this gap and even did a 2000 mile TAT trip on it. Even though the Husky is way better than the KTM maintenance wise, its still on the excessive side in my books with the amount of mileage I put on bikes. So I'm now looking at the Wr250R simply from a maintenance perspective and a fun small bike. The fact it has a 350w stator certainly doesn't hurt.

If you haven't already, a great site to check out is Mark put many miles on a Husky TE-610, he owns/owned a KTM 450EXC and his current bike of choice for an adventure bike is the Yamaha WR250R -

WR250R build up -
KTM 450EXC -
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