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Noob with oil question

I just bought a 1993 DR350S.

Got it home and oil leaking from around plug at botom of motor. Not much but enough to leave small oil area.

After about 3 days I finally get around to taking it for a ride. Check oil before the ride with bike in upright position. No oil. I have an oil quart bottle with about 26 oz of oil in it. Put in about 6 oz. Nothing on stick. Put in about 6 more oz. nothing on stick. Pour remainder of oil in. Now oil is completely up the dip stick way above correct limits. Take drain plug out of bottom of engine and let a little drain out. This plug has a washer on it and a bunch of blue engine gasket type sealant around it. Not going down of stick. Do this three times and nothing going down on stick. Drain a little out of frame bolt and it does down about half way on stick but still way above full mark. Start engine and let run for about 30 seconds. It is now showing about the high mark in the correct limits on the stick. Let it run another minute and wait about a minute and check again. Still within correct range. Go for a couple mile ride and still within correct limits.

I have read on line about how to do an oil change removing the frame plug and the engine plug. Also states to remove filter. Then is says something about removing a tube and checking a strainer. Not sure what this tube or strainer is or where it is located?

I am 50 miles from a dealer. Does anybody know of a non Suzuki Oil Filter that can be bought at an auto store? I called a couple of my local stores and they say they can get a filter for a DR250 but their charts or parts do not even list the DR350.

What kind of drain plug gasket/seal is used on this? Does anybody know of diameter or thickness of this washer/seal? And its material it is made out of.

Alos, does the engine always need to be ran a little for the engine on the dipstick to go down to correct level?

Sorry for the long post an so many questions but want to do this right and not mess anything up here.

I will probably end up buying a Clymer Repair manual with pictures and explanations but want to get this thing correct in the meantime.
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