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Originally Posted by DualDog View Post
I have read on line about how to do an oil change removing the frame plug and the engine plug. Also states to remove filter. Then is says something about removing a tube and checking a strainer. Not sure what this tube or strainer is or where it is located?
Strainer is behind the bottom frame hose fitting (i.e. you have to remove the hose and unscrew the fitting.) I would only do that once in a while. Certainly not every oil change.

I am 50 miles from a dealer. Does anybody know of a non Suzuki Oil Filter that can be bought at an auto store? I called a couple of my local stores and they say they can get a filter for a DR250 but their charts or parts do not even list the DR350.
You can buy a 3-pack of filters for a few bucks on eBay, Amazon, or many other places on-line.

What kind of drain plug gasket/seal is used on this? Does anybody know of diameter or thickness of this washer/seal? And its material it is made out of.
It is a crushable copper or aluminium washer. You can buy them at just about any auto suppliers or Harbor Freight or... Just don't let them try to look it up by make and model.

I'd be a little concerned at the bodge used to make the seal by the previous owner. That kind of maintenance and repair ethic can have many other symptoms that may not become apparent for some time. I'd check the valves fairly soon and replace the oil sealing washers for the cam cover while you're at it.

Alos, does the engine always need to be ran a little for the engine on the dipstick to go down to correct level?
As you discovered, yes, the engine needs to be run for a bit to get the correct level in the frame tank. The DR has two oil pumps, one to pump oil round the engine and another to return all the oil from the engine to the tank. Theoretically, the sump should be almost empty (dry sump) during normal operation. When the bike is parked for a while, oil can drain down to the sump, making the level in the tank lower and giving the uninitiated the impression that there is not enough oil - but you already discovered that!

Sorry for the long post an so many questions but want to do this right and not mess anything up here.

I will probably end up buying a Clymer Repair manual with pictures and explanations but want to get this thing correct in the meantime.
Good plan!
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