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Another good day

So I had to call out sick today from work. I had a terrible migraine and didn't get any sleep last night.

By 7:05 I was feeling much better so I decided to work out at the house.

I took this one picture after some dirt work- you can start to imagine what it'll look like as you pull down the driveway toward the parking area.
From August 14, 2012

Then I poured these walls, so we'll finally be able to make some upward progress. This little laundry room "bump out" has been a huge thorn in our side. Glad it's done. As you can see, I made a bit of a mess. I couldn't get good access to certain parts of the wall with the truck, so I had to do it with 5 gallon buckets. I stopped counting at 25 buckets, but I don't think I did more than 30. No big deal- good workout for the day.

From August 14, 2012

Then I got the well line stretched out, and started dealing with that line where it runs close to the house. A little trench work and it'll be done. (Yes, I'm also running a power line).

From August 14, 2012

And the septic system will start going in tomorrow. I took a before picture:
From August 14, 2012

So we're having some more gravel hauled in, and the driver backed in today, got out of his truck, looked at me and said, "I can tell right now that I fucked up the last delivery." I laughed, told him that I've gotten over it, and that in the big picture it's not a big deal. Wonder where I learned that philosophy from?

Chatted with the GC today- he sounds anxious to get going as his crews are finishing up other projects. Looks like he's gonna send me some help late next week, and that should really help move things along. I'm hoping that we can pour our first floor early next week. Progress.
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