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I rarely wash my bikes with water to keep corrosion down and to stop dirt, dust and the mud it creates from getting into moving parts. I do use break cleaner on anything I take apart instead to keep the dirt out of the parts I'm working on.

Throw away chain lube and use Tri-Flow instead. Chain lube is the cheapest oil they can throw in a can but Tri-Flow is a real high performance lubricant. Grainger sells 16oz spray cans. I use it on everything else that needs lube as well. It won't gunk.

If you don't want to risk dropping tiny washers and nuts then put a tiny Allen wrench over the studs and let the loose nuts and washers slide safely onto the Allen wrench as they come off. It works as well when installing them if you use the largest size that fits.

In the garage the moths are no match for a shop vac. Those bastards can fly into your ear and attempt to gnaw their way thru your ear drum. To get them out you sit still while shining a light in your ear. They see the light and crawl out. If you kill them with the break cleaner then plan a trip to the ER to have it dug out.
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