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On the note of windshields/screens, that slipstreamer company has alot of cool looking windshields that i feel would fit the DR350 rather nicely. I think i'm going to purchase the universal one, as it is rather tall and i like the idea of gettin the turbulance UP over my big ole funny shapped head....rather than whipping it around like a weather balloon. lol They do have an intersting "Fairing" looking style windshiled that i bet would fit but i'd like to see it on our style of bike before purchasing it just to see how it looks for sure. however, it is tempting to buy it and do a write up on it. lol Thanks Kobukan for giving me the info on the site, i'm sure before to long ill have one on the front of my ole girl!

ANOTHER question for yinz guru's out there, Does a more powerful charging system exist for the DR350? I was contemplating on making this bike my "Cold weather" bike as well, and i was kickin around the idea of some additional power sources for possible heating devices? For example, heated grips? or maybe a heated coat? Was curious if one existed so that a coat, per say, could be plugged in without CONSTANTLY draining the battery and straining the alternator system.
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