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I'm 6' 240, and I'm dead set on getting a PCX150. I have a Vino 125 and a Stella 2 stroke. I fit fine on both. The PCX feels ok to me. I have to have at least 150cc, as I plan on touring on it (I have 15,000+ highway miles on the Vino) and while I don't plan on riding on the freeway much, I have found that it is often necessary to ride on the freeway to get from one state to another. I have done so on the Vino 125, which I have ridden in 4 states, just never gotten busted by the cops. The PCX150 will solve that issue, and it has a lot more storage room. I plan on getting a Givi top case for it as well, something I couldn't do with the Vino, because the gas filler is right under the rack.

I for one am glad the U.S. version does not have the engine cutoff feature. It is something else to go wrong, and I would not want to be sitting at a red light with a dead engine. It would also put a lot more wear on the starter/alternator. I plan to ride this thing hard, so gas mileage is not that big of a deal for me. I have always gotten way less mileage on my Vino than others claim, but it has been ridden at wide open throttle it's entire life. Getting a small scooter over something like a Burgman 400 will save me a fortune in gas. I first wanted the Burgman, until I found out about the all day valve adjustment procedure, and decided I wanted something to ride rather than work on. I maintain my own bikes, they never see a dealer after I leave with them. Valve adjustment on the Vino takes under 15 minutes.

I can get a brand new PCX150 here in Phoenix for $4199 OTD, and Phoenix is well known for their ripoff dealers. I was expecting closer to $5000. The price was the final determining factor for me. We have 9.9% sales tax here, which means that $350 of that is sales tax.
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