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Originally Posted by Lorretto View Post
950 - Glad you solved the charging issue.

With any luck I will be right behind you with a success story. What kind of out put did you get on the failed vs corrected stator?
Broken stator windings/loose connectors:
Infinite ohm through the stator.
Connected a separate rectifier (cheap bridge with 4 diodes and 100V/25A specs) and no regulator.
8V at 3000 rpm and 12V at 7000rpm without any load means no charging capacity. Just the voltage that could "jump over" via the broken windings.
If measured with the battery and regulator/rectifier you will just get the battery voltage which was decreasing when riding around.

Fixed stator:
Almost short circuit (approx 0,3 ohm) through the stator.
When connected to the battery and regulator/rectifier the voltage is up to around 13,5-14V (about +1-1,5V more than the battery itself.

The hard part was to get the hard "glue" away from the connection points. I used a soldering iron to loosen it up and were very cautious not to damage the wiring isolation. I used PL400 to fasten everything again after clamping and soldering the loose ends.
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