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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
Pick the wife's NC700XDC up this Friday. Man, it was crazy getting insurance going on it. Apparently Progressive had never "built" the DC "dual clutch" aka automatic version in their system before. They say it will be done tomorrow. We'll see. Looking forward to playing with it on the ride home for her.
So in talking to geico, they only have the DCT option, or at least that's all they had when I called a couple weeks ago. So even though the two bikes are $2k in difference, the quote was the same for both bikes.

However if I wanted to add a $500 accessory to the base bike (still less in value than the DCT option) it's quote would've been higher than a DCT bike. I somewhat understand the logic being that the accessory is more likely to be damaged in a tip over, or more likely to be stolen, etc, but overall it's tough to compute that a $7k bike would be the same per month as the same bike with $2k more in parts & technology built into it...
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