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Originally Posted by Stu View Post
Rare, but it happens. I'm getting a new '13 500 next week. I may just buy some 5/16th I high pressure line from my local auto parts and install it along with my Golan filter I'm getting via Amazon. Just be done with it and not worry. If you are seriously worried about a rupture you can 1) run the bike and see if you have one and then deal with it or 2) just take care of it ahead of time assuming that the probability is high enough to warrant the trouble of purchasing line and installing it. End of discussion.

I have a 13 500 exc and my fuel line burst on the trail and had to push it about mile back home. It burst between the tank and the disconect facing the engine right at the elbow. I went to the store an bought a 250 psi 5/16 and fixed the problem. Screw warranty, i don't want another junk hose. I don't know why KTM would not just put a steel braided line on the bike. The fuel line just hangs there. I tucked mine in with out crimping it. The part says ECO on it. I could be wrong but i'm guessing it's made of some substandered synthetic rubber. Anyway if you have a new or old bike, i would add upgrading your fuel line to your list of addons to a better one asap as the clock is ticking.

You don't know living until you have pushed your bike nearly a mile up hill. By the way i added a 6" hose and extra hose clamps to my tool bag just incase.
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