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Now this Pi$$eS me off..Flame alert

Maybe I get pi$$ed off too easliy.but this Pi$$e$ me off ...I have always liked how my 950 SM is leak free..seems to be a very tightly made engine. Last night after a short ride I walk back out to the garage and see oil dropping under the bike..."

"WTF, my bike ? Can't be."

Okay, no big deal, it's a known issue, order the "Oil sight tube" replace it in 5 minutes. No big deal.

I go to KTM-Parts to order it and the part is $20.00 plus....B$, for a 6 inch piece of plastic pipe...with shipping it is now $27.95...I will still be able to afford cat food to eat over the weekend but that is still B$. Everyone has to make a profit, I want them to, it is my hobby so am willing to pay for the diversion..... but...this is a known problem, a design flaw and for KTM to charge this much markup is just not satisfactory.

Okay, I know I'm boring you to death... but after all , this is MY I am going to, protest, I'll show 'em. So I go online to Parts Warehouse. the part is only $17 for a 6 inch piece of plastic tube..yeah, I showed 'em..saved $3...take time to fillout the order sheet *again*....go to checkout and shipping is now an additional $17.95 UPS to ship a 4 oz. piece of plastic in an envelope...$34.95 total !!!! ... for a 6 inch, 4 oz plastic tube.

Now, the degeneneration of this plastic sight tube is well known, happens frequently. Replacement with the local variety tube ( 150 degree) can crack, dumping oil on your rear tire, ruin your whole day, possibly add a page to your health record. Definite safety issue.

I guess I am just pi$$ed at having to pay so much for such a small part.... but, small things send big messages sometimes .......
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